It is done, therefore it is good

My editor’s notes for STORMDANCER materialized in my grimy little inbox on March 8, 2011, about six weeks after my deal got finalized. After spending a few days getting my head around said notes and some very pleasant back and forth (ie, me stamping my foot like a primadonna and my editors laughing at my antics) I duct-taped my hands to the keyboard, kissed my wife goodbye and started revisions.
There was a towering shitload quite a bit of work to get done. Not so much “changes” as “augmentation”. My eds wanted MORE –world building, dreaded exposition, detail, detail, detail. The good news was that (after my primadonna act) I wasn’t being asked to chop much of anything. The bad news was chopping words takes a lot less time than writing new ones.
I was forced to sit down and think about my world on a micro level. To codify aspects that I’d only really glossed over. To draw maps, write mythology, create history thousands of years before the events in my book. For a horrible, tragic nerd like me, it was about the most fun I could have with pants on. But it takes a long fucking time. Made even longer by the fact that my beloved  live-in-editor wife A-bomb is far smarter than me, and can spot flaws in my feeble logic from a thousand yards away.
But I’m very happy to report that it’s now done. About 30,000 new words. If the world of STORMDANCER was an oil painting in my head before, it’s now a high-def 72 inch plasma screen image. Filthy and wretched and thoroughly beautiful. The book is so much better than it was before. So, a public shout-out to my awesome editors, Pete Wolverton at St Martins and Julie Crisp at TorUK.
You guys frackin’ rule.
(and now, I’m off to play Dragon Age 2 while I wait for the line-by-lines :P)

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  1. mimetic74 says:

    awwwww! this is toe tweet 🙂

  2. Ariel says:

    I love the idea of adding 30k new words! It sounds thrilling.
    I’ve followed you over from AW, and I have to say that I can’t wait until Stormdancer is available.

    • Me either, lol. Still a ways to go yet, but it feels closer all the time. Kinda like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, and watching the picture slowly take shape.
      Thanks for stopping by, I’ll try to keep it entertaining until the main event.

  3. \o/ Woohoo, I’m so excited for you, and I can’t wait to read it!

  4. JaimeLoren says:

    Dude, I don’t usually go for Dystopian Japanese Steampunk Fantasy novels, but I’m hanging out for this release. Kudos to you! 😀

  5. You can’t believe the kind of envy I’m feeling towards your turmoil. I know…I’m weird that way. But I’m still at the Waiting Stage. Hence my editing another novel that I have finished recently when what I really want to edit is the one trying to find a new home by pulling up her skirt and showing some leg, hoping someone would stop and give her a ride.

    • You know, it’s probably a good idea to edit something different every once in a while. I found it really helpful to go away and do something else rather than edit SD. I took a couple of months off over the xmas break to work on Book 2, and coming back to Book 1 after all that time off really helped to spot some of the flaws, particularly in terms of language. If you look at the same words too long, you start to see what you *think* is there, rather than what’s *actually* there.
      Good luck in the waiting room. I remember it well >:P

      • You’re right. The mind starts to fill in the words instead of your eyes catching the errors. Plus, getting too close to the work is the best way to go blind to the possibilities.
        Stewing in my own blood, sweat, and tears. Why does the room have damn uncomfortable chairs?

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