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News! News, I say!
Although the exclamation points would seem to indicate I’m shouting. Whatever.
SO we get to announce some foreign rights sales on ILLUMINAE today. These announcements tend to take time, but I swear by Thor’s hammer and Odin’s Beard and Loki’s perfectly sculpted cheekbones (seriously, wtf Hiddleston) there will be more. They just take time YES I KNOW I SAID THAT ALREADY.
First, the wonderful folks at Allen and Unwin will be bringing ILLUMINAE to all our fellow Aussies, oy, oy, oy. Second, the lovely people at Novo Conceito will be publishing ILL to all our friends in Brazil oh hey that rhymes.  (I actually have no friends in Brazil, and have no idea if the Novo Conceito guys are brutal tyrants who beat their authors with willow switches but I trust both of these situations change soon – here’s hoping it’s a “no” on the brutal tyrants thing).
To friends in other nations, like I say, we hope to have more news soon.
What’s that? You haven’t heard of ILLUMINAE? You cut me, bro. Cut me deep 🙁
We dont’ have official jacket copy yet, but you can read a little about it here on Goodreads. And you know, add it to your TBR and tell all your friends and drive your parents/partners insane with your incessant ranting about how awesome it sounds.
K go.

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  1. Lynn K. says:

    Having read the first 2 Stormdancer books and These Broken Stars, it would be a lie to say my expectations for Illuminae aren’t sky high. :p
    Will there be a launch for Endsinger in Aus? If so, 1) will signing of not-bought-from-them but pretty, pretty US editions of STORMDANCEEER and KINSLAYEEER be allowed? and 2) Will the US edition of Ensinger be available there? I recall seeing some photos of US Kinslayer at the launch last year.. o__o

    • Well, that’s awesome of you to say! Really hope you dig it!
      And yep, we’ll be doing a launch for Endsinger in September. More details to come! I’ll sign pretty much anything, so no dramas on bringing “not bought at the booklaunch books”, although the US edition won’t be for sale there. I had a couple of ppl bring US editions to the KS launch, but Aus retailers get the Aus covers. So if you want a US edition, you might wanna hit up an online retailer 😀

  2. RSAGARCIA says:

    Marvelous news! You are SO on the up and up 🙂

  3. JdV says:

    I am happy for you and for all of us. Congratulations on keeping moving forward with what I believe is your gift (at least one of them).
    Thanks for the good times!

  4. Marta says:

    *flails wildly with excitement* MOAR BOOKS FROM THE TALL AUSSIE GUY WHO WRITES THE GOOD BOOKS!!!!!!!!
    Seriously… this just made my night. I’m stuck working a night shift (midnight to 7am? HOW IS THIS LEGAL!?) and have been catching up on the Blog Of Awesome *points to blog* and I get tLW#3 title AND Illuminae news… win.
    I’ve also been re-reading the books (and short stories) in order with the Husband Man, who is reading them for the first time, and it’s so easy to see why the Tall Aussie Guy Who Writes The Good Books is as awesome as he is…
    Hats off to you, kind sir (and thanks again for the good books).
    *gets back to work, and flips to the next page of Stormdancer*

    • Midnight to 7am, damn, that’ rough. I used to do nightfill at a supermarket, but it was never til 7am. They DID have this one looped mixtape of 80s music playing through the PA over and over again all night though, so it was pretty close to torture. The only highlight on the whole tape was Billy Jean.
      But yes, I digress . . .
      Thanks so much for the flailing and the support! I couldn’t do this without you! <3

      • Marta says:

        Worst music ever was the Christmas music at my retail job… there’s only so many time you could hear “Cheeta-liscious Christmas” and “Last Christmas I gave You My Heart” without going mind-fuckingly insane… *twitch*
        Now I’m all fancy and professional… but you’d think with a full-time, professional job, they’d let us sleep… ha… sleep…
        On another note, I’ve finished the series (so far) ahead of the Husband Man and have started them over again. I seem to learn something new every time…

  5. Anya says:

    *pets Goodreads description and chuckles maniacally about living in the states* I know I’m a horrible person…..

  6. Dover says:

    HAHAHAHA, I really enjoyed your blog and can tell you that Novo Conceito is not a super villain with terribles super powers (but it could be reaaaally amazing to have that in Brazil and all the super heroes too, please!).
    Sorry for the english, I’m a brazilian 🙂
    Well, thinking…. maybe Novo Conceito doens’t do this things, but .. well.. I can’t tell you for sure!
    Nice blog \o/

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