Well, heard back on one of the fulls on COLD, and it wasn’t good news, but it was about the best kind of kick in the guts one could ask for. Such is life, the criticisms were valid, nothing to really argue. Good news is the gent was extraordinarily complimentary about my writing, and asked for a full of Storm right away. So that’s 5 fulls out in the big wide world now, which is kinda neat. Plus I got the partial call from the agent mentioned below, which I’m still quite chuffed and feeling vindicated about.
Have started the next project – YA Cyberpunk Dystopian Romance. Blame the Fear Factory/Dresden Dolls I’ve been listening to lately, I guess. But I think I’ve got a slick story shaping up in my head, and my protag is kick-ass without being superhero-slick. Plus I get to play with arc-glaives and methane powered chainsaws. 🙂
.yademos gnis ll’uoy, srekcufrehtom uoY

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