Finger nubs

The A-Bomb informed me it’s been over a month since I posted anything on this blog. Even though lots of exciting stuff has been happening and I should have been posting every week. But I swear (best Han Solo voice) it’s not my fault.
Here’s why:
So, a month or so ago, my awesome marketing folks at Thomas Dunne shot me an email outlining their promotional plans for KINSLAYER, and among them was the suggestion I might want to write a novella set in the Lotus War world. The idea being, we’d print them up and give them away with pre-orders of KINSLAYER, because anyone who likes my stuff enough to pre-order it is worthy of a reach-around. Pre-orders are grand, because they get the book stores happy in the pants. And when the book stores get happy pants, everyone else gets happy pants. ARE YOUR PANTS HAPPY.
So, that’s what I’ve been doing the last month. Locked away like a resident of Briarcliff (yeah, I found time to watch s2 of American Horror Story, and the Name Game song has been stuck in my head ever since) working on a novella for you all, my fingers all worn down to sorry nubs. Such is my love for you. IT HAS MADE NUBS OF MY FINGERS.
Good news is, the novella has turned out pretty awesome. It’s set 100 years before the events of STORMDANCER, and explains why the thunder tigers left Shima. So if you’re interested in learning the whys and whatnots, you can pre-order KINSLAYER here. Or here.
Other stuff:
The covers for KINSLAYER are done, and they are AMAZING. I never thought I’d say it, but both the UK and US covers blow the STORMDANCER covers out of the water. If I wasn’t straight and already married, I’d totally marry the shit out of Jason Chan. The dude has got no mercy.
We’ll be doing a similar cover reveal to last year, with some awesome book blogger folks helping us out, and a dumptruck full of ARCs to give away. The reveal is set for early May, more news as it comes to hand.
In KINSLAYER news, we’re into the copy-edit stage, just seconds from the final bell. The book is feeling awesome. Brutal and funny and tragic and epic. I seriously can’t wait for you guys to read it.
Other good news – STOMRDANCER is up for some literary awards. But I’ll cover those in a separate post to get my post count back up so the next time my bride starts looking at my blog all scowly-like, I can point and say “looooooook, I did three posts in Marrrrrch!”
Sad, I know, but it’s the only ammo I’ve got…

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  1. I’m totally gonna preorder Kinslayer…I want the special novella! Hey, do you know if you’re looking for more blogs to help out with the cover reveal? I’d LOVE to be a part of that. I reviewed Stormdancer and it was amazing. Happy to help if you need me:)

  2. I am torn between feeling sorry for your nubby fingers and flailing trying to find my B&N giftcards from wherever it was I hid them so I wouldn’t spend them all at once… Anyway, can’t wait for Kinslayer!

  3. So glad for all the awesome! I WILL be pre-ordering and then bitching about the fact that we don’t yet have time travel so I can just read it already because STORMDANCER left me with the FEELS and I need to read KINSLAYER like I need to scratch an itch!

  4. Rhonda says:

    You cannot talk about covers and not even give us a peak 🙁

  5. Jay, Jay, bo-bay
    Banana-fana, fo-fay.
    Fee, fi, mo-may
    Six weeks! Your loyal fans deserve better service. I don’t want to see a gap in your record like this again.

  6. Okay, just pre-ordered KINSLAYER! Your nubs can rest.

  7. Very much looking forward to Kinslayer. Stormdancer lovingly caressed me in all the right ways and being new to steam punk it was very gentle. Thank you sir!

  8. Of course: The pre-order copies are on American sites. And it will coast me my beautiful main of hair to get it.
    No love for the Irish-fan. Not cool, dude.
    But moving on to more important news: COVER FOR KINSLAYER!!! Oh, but I have to wait until May??? You are such a tease. Can’t you release it just a little earlier? If not, at LEAST tell use the colours. Is it… US: blue and black, UK: like the last one, except a different scene?
    Throw us a bone!
    Congratulations on the awards! You must be proud. I really hope STORMDANCER wins them. If any book deserves it, it’s that one.

  9. Is that how you’re getting your revenge, eh? Mentioning a cover that’s better than STORMDANCER and NOT GIVING A PEEK? That’s cruel. Cruel and unusual punishment.
    Is there any way bloggers can get in on the cover reveal?
    Neato on the novella! It’ll be interesting to find out more about the thunder tigers.

    • Hey Leeanna,
      My publicity guys are handling the reveal, so I’m not entirely sure there’s space. But i’ll definitely ask the question 🙂 Thanks so much for the support – very cool of you 😀

  10. Life has been empty, colors not as bright, food not as flavorful, without your blog updates..Thank you *I step off the ledge of the bridge now* for this update. Life has meaning again…

  11. Lynn K. says:

    Will the novella be available for purchase/be released as an ebook? Being international, my pre-order will probably be from BookDepository..

  12. /anne... says:

    I’ve just preordered Kinslayer on Amazon, but there was nothing about the novella – will they send it to the wilds of Maccas-hating Tecoma? Do I have to do something else?

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