Fail =/= Bad

So I had an odd realization this morning: it’s been a year to the day since I finished my first draft of STORMDANCER. My baby is officially 1 year old! And it won’t be until next year that it actually gets born. The gestation period is getting out of hand.
Kinda funny trawling back through old blog posts –twelve months ago I was querying my first MS (a very bleak vampire novel called COLD, with not a single sparkly pretty man in sight – which was probably my first mistake). I got a few encouraging nibbles, for which I’m eternally grateful, but nothing that manifested into an offer.
It was around this point last year that I realized COLD wasn’t going to see me casually chewing the fat on Oprah’s couch or going for a midnight swim in my solid gold money pool, and it seemed like the end of the universe at the time. But sometimes it’s good to get a kick in the teeth. Defeat can be the greatest teacher. And though they may seem like desktop calendar platitudes, I learned two True Things from the experience:

  1. The best thing you can do while querying your current book is to write a better one. Send off the query, wipe it from your mind, and get back to writing.
  2. For the love of god, stay away from vampire novels. The blistering pace at which I received some rejections makes me CERTAIN that some agents have their mailer rigged to auto-generate a form rejection if your query contains the word “vampire”.

And seriously, we could build a space bridge with all the vampire novels out there. All boldly going where no man has gone before, alabaster skin and hackneyed love triangles beneath our feet.
In other news, second round of edits on STORMDANCER are officially done! Kinda odd that I finished them on the one year anniversary of first draft. I added another 5k words (a few of my writer chums are a little gobsmacked when I tell them I’m being asked to add, not cut, so I’m presuming that this is not the norm) and I’m feeling a little bi-polar about it all. I’ve been looking at these words for so long now, it’s hard to approach them with any objectivity – one day I’ll hate everything on the page, the next day, the same words give me goosebumps. But yes, my baby is now off at the editors for copy edits, and I’m officially back on Book 2.
Still no news on anything ultra-interesting like covers, although we’re close to a series title. Part of me wants to get jealous of the all the fellow 2012 debs busting out their artwork all over the internets, but whenever the green-eyed monster raises his ugly little head, I just go back to those 12 month old blog posts and realize how incredibly lucky I am to even be here. So, much <3 to everyone who has helped me along the way. Push out the jive, bring in the love.
And now, I’m off to the most isolated capital in the world to celebrate nuptials with some excellent chums. Should the plane plummet from the sky, think only this of me:
I’ll be back to get you.

6 Responses to “Fail =/= Bad”

  1. Judd says:

    Shitfingers, forgot about weddingations. Safe trip, maybe see you here.
    Also, you’re a bum if you don’t try to sell that vampire shizzazzam to some e-booking teenbag. Cash In Foo.

  2. Dunno if it’s good enough to sell online tbh. I used the word “black” 266 times over the course of the ms. 😀

  3. Wishing safe travels with planes that stay in skies, snakes that stay out of striking distance and excellent alcohol to cheer the newly weds.
    Good luck with copy edits!

  4. I will take a break from swimming in my solid gold money pool to say Happy Birthday to Stormdancer. Or rather, Happy mid-gestation to SD.
    Also, I am very curious what would prompt someone to use black 266 times. lol. (my copy editor cited me for using “clenched” 21 times. I still can’t for the life of me figure out why I would use it so frequently – it rarely comes up in my every day vocabulary.)

    • Well, you know, they’re vampires. They run around at night and stuff. Everything is dark. Eventually, you run out of similies. A quick check for other repetitions reveals: Pale: 61. Fuck(or some iteration thereof): 175. Blood: 406.
      Hmm. Not so sure this is the opus I thought it was.
      As for “clenched” yeah, kinda weird how your brain fixates on a particular term. I used “slick” 34 times in my first draft of Stormdancer. To this day I don’t know why.

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