Da Flix

My thoughts on the movies I’ve seen recently, for want of something else to write about. Back on the Zero train now that the MS doctoring session is over with and my Fulls have been sent off into the ether with all my bits crossed. Sitting at 48K.
Hurt Locker – Kinda overrated. Loads of better war flicks out there, although the post Oscar hype probably spoiled me. If I had’ve gone in with low expectations, it might’ve cut it, although considering Bigelowe directed Near Dark, one the greatest vampire flicks of all time, I’m not sure how low my expectations could have been.
Daybreakers – Pretty good. Weird seeing the cast of Neighbors/Home and Away up on the big screen, and the gore fest at the end was pretty lame, Milhouse. But on the whole, a worthy flick.
Road to Perdition – Started well. Ended kinda weak. And wtf was up with Jude law’s hair, man?
District 9 – Oh yes. Yes in-fucking-deed.
Also heard around the campfire that some douchebag who does Lady Gaga filmclips has been lined up to direct Neuromancer, and that Hayden “i find her… intoxicating” Christensen is set to play Case. As soon as Chris Cunningham dropped this project I should have given up on it. Now, all hope is gone.
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  1. Dave says:

    I may be getting my wires crossed, but I heard they were thinking about Sasha Gray as Molly. Maybe it wouldn’t be ALL bad. 🙂

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