Bad May

So Ronny James Dio and Paul Gray are dead, coupled with Pete Steele that make it a pretty ordinary couple of months in metal. Cranking some Slipknot now to pay some respects and wondering if the band will survive. All Hope is Gone indeed.
In good news however, the new Deftones is actually pretty damn good. What I’ve heard of the new FF sounds awesome, kinda sad that Christian and Raymond aren’t in the camp anymore, but Hoglan is a fkn beast. New BFMV was a bit disappointing. Couple of good tracks, but no flying kick to the chops like Scream, Aim, Fire was.
Saw Full Scale last night, they rrrrrrrawked. This here clip is from their comeback gig. Big lug in the crowd with the baseball cap and MH tshirt is yours truly. 🙂
Storm is sitting at 68k, which means I’ve tracked 25,000 words in about 23 days, which I’m pretty proud of. Had the A-bomb read through the WIP a few days ago, and she had a little bit of a flip out about it – dunno if I caught her in a good mood or what, but the compliments were extensive, and she’s normally loathe to say anything nice in case I get a big head. But the book feels good, and its all flowing towards the conclusion neatly, only seconds from the final bell really.
Hoping to have some good news on COLD soon too, but it could just as easily head down the path to slit-wrist-ville, so keep em crossed.
Recent flicks: Moon = Great. Terminator: Salvation = steaming pile of pus. Anyone who lets that McGee clown near a camera again should be the first against the wall when Judgement Day hits. Seriously, send a T800 back in time to prevent that film ever getting made. Forget John Connor, Skynet, we’ve all got bigger fucking problems.
Open heart transplant surgery, with a ticker recently punched so hard by a t800 that it stopped beating, jump-started with a couple of wires pulled out of a wall, conducted in an open air field hospital by a bloody veterinarian. Fuck you.
Reading Farenheit 451 atm, and it’s goddamn awesome. The Windup Girl is next on the list, and I’m pretty jazzed about reading it. The short stories I’ve read from Paolo have been 100% superfly. Re-watching s4 of BSG too, and it’s brill. I might stop watching before the last 15 minutes of the final episode, and the world will be roses.
RIP Paul and Ronnie.
Listening to: Slipknot, Volume 3: the Subliminal Verses.


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