A quick dose of awesome

Quick one this week to share some cool to absolutely frackin’ amazing stuff. I do this in point form, because I’m feeling slightly OCD today.
**The UK cover for STORMDANCER is done, and awesome, and set to be launched next Monday, 26th March. It’ll be up on the TorUK blog and also featured over at the Story Siren with an interview from Yours Truly. Lock up your daughters and run to the hills.
**Marissa Meyer, NYT bestselling author of CINDER has read STORMDANCER, and dug it mightily, and gave me a simply awesome cover blurb (which you won’t see til I launch my website in April). She’s off rocking socks at the Bologna Book Fair atm, but still took the time to read and blurb, so yay Marissa. Much <3
**I tweeted about this a while ago, but I guess I tell this story to illustrate the power of social media. I don’t believe in spending hours and hours every day on Twitter. I’m absolutely certain that thousands of Twitter followers do NOT represent thousands of sales. But. Here’s a story that shows there’s at least a little value in being out there and being heard:
At some point a few months ago, I tweeted something amusing (hard to believe, yes). It got retweeted a few times and floated around the net until it wound up in the feed of one Beth Revis, NYT  bestselling author of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. She clicked on the twitter handle to find out who this extraordinarily witty and devilishly handsome bastard in her feed was, then back-tracked to my blog, then wound up on my About Stormdancer page, and finally emailed me and asking if she could read the book.
And I was all OMFGOFCOURSEYOUCANREADIT  “Yes, madam, that will perfectly acceptable, thank you.”
So she’s reading it right now. And if she doesn’t think it sucks horribly, she may say something nice about it for the cover. And hey, she MIGHT think it sucks horribly. Or that our audiences will clash. Or whatever. But the point is, a single tweet started it. So, authors, if there is a lesson here, it is this:
Get the frack out there.
Get on Twitter. Have a blog. Have a page about your book. Try not to come off like a three-toed sloth raised on a diet of cheetos and fuckwittery when you speak online. Make sure if people want to know about you, they can FIND YOU (and won’t run away screaming when they do). Because the person looking for you just might be a NYT bestseller willing to give up some of their life to read your shit.
**I tweeted about this yesterday, and I’m STILL tripping out about it. But this is another lesson learned thing:
So, I wrote a few articles about Steampunk on this blog over the last year. I don’t claim to be an expert or anything – truth be told, STORMDANCER is probably a little more fantasy than SP, but still, there’s definitely SP elements in there, and I love SP as a genre, so I did my best not to sound like a crazy homeless person when I talked about it. Tbh, I don’t really know how, but Scott Westerfeld, NYT Bestseller of the kickass LEVIATHAN trilogy recently found them. And he linked them in his Twitter feed along with a shout-out to me, and my hits went batshit crazy through the roof for a few days. And I thought ‘Wow, that was pretty nice of him. I must buy him some expensive wine or perhaps the services of an exotic dancer if he is thus inclined and I ever have occasion to meet him’.
So I sat around fretting for about two weeks, but eventually mustered the courage to email him and say thanks. And – in what will probably be the straight-up ballsiest maneuverer I pull all year – DARED to ask this dude to read my book. This dude who’s pretty much the biggest author anywhere near SP atm, and probably gets requests like this every single day. (We ourselves tried approaching through official channels, but I don’t think we got past the gatekeepers)
And Scott said yes.
Which still blows my frackin’ mind. Scott Westerfeld is reading STORMDANCER as I type this.
And yes, again, he might think it sucks. And politely excuse himself from blurbing it. Which would flat-out killlllllllll me, but hey. But the point is, again, if not for the blog, and that weird kind of osmosis that goes on between authors and those wonderful, wonderful readers on this thing called the interwebs, it wouldn’t have happened. Official channels didn’t cut it. But me spitballing for a few thousand words about Steampunk in my tiny, excrement smeared corner of the interwebs did.
It’s luck, pure and simple. But a good buddy of mine says ‘you make your own luck’ and in a way, these episodes kinda prove that point. You still need to be lucky for your shots to hit a moving target, yes. But, you’re not gonna hit a gorram thing if you’re not firing shots in the first place.
As Jimmy Malone said to Elliot Ness, ‘Here endeth the lesson.’
Six months til STORMDANCER hits US shelves. 5.5 before it hits UK shelves. 5 til it hits Australian shelves.

36 Responses to “A quick dose of awesome”

  1. I just love your blog posts. Always a good time.
    Congrats, Jay! It sounds like Stormdancer is making waves!

  2. Tez Miller says:

    Aw, they love you! 🙂
    By the way, Amazon UK has the summary online. Yukiko – I like that name 🙂

  3. Kayla B. says:

    Wooohoooo! YOU, sir, are soon to be a literary ROCKSTAR! I mean, I bought your book just from being amused on Twitter. And the whole Kevin Hearne thinking you’re awesome doesn’t hurt either. 😉

  4. noelle1218 says:

    Or you could simply send me a copy, I could read it and … well… I could tell you how AWESOME i thought the story to be, How UNBELIEVABLY WELL DONE the cover is …. I mean … need I go on and on …. 6 months is an awfully long time. And I only mean to help you f course 😀

    • Oh, of course! 🙂
      We’ll be holding a competition on the Story Siren blog when we launch the UK cover, giving away a signed hardback, so head over there to enter. You never know your luck in the big city.

  5. noelle1218 says:

    By the way, just messin’ with you. Truthfully, I love reading your blogs. Have a great week!

  6. neyska says:

    That was several quick doses of awesome! Congrats!

  7. hrose2931 says:

    Pays to hop on twitter once in awhile! Beth Revis is awesome! Had the chance to meet her in person and she is the greatest. And then there’s the universe that Scott Westerfeld resides in. And you broke through both!! Maybe you need that expensive bottle of wine! Or at least a pat on the back for being brave. Congrats!

    • I gotta say, having dealt with her for a couple of emails, Beth Revis seems like one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the industry. Just flat-out, unbelievably considerate and lovely and awesome.
      The Scott Westerfeld thing is still tripping me out, days later now. Doesn’t seem quite real.
      Who Dares Wins, I guess 😛

  8. Congrats Jay!! Marissa. Beth. And Scott!! Have not yet read Cinder yet but have Across the Universe and A Million Suns and the Leviathan trilogy which are some of my favourite books!
    BUT OMG I’m excited … for the book – and I guess for you too 😉
    I think it is also a lot about contacts. I know so many authors personally – being a blogger and going to these events – that when I do finally finish a manuscript and if published, I can ask those to read and blurb it too. It’s just the getting out there game as you said.

    • Thanks dude. I confess I’m rather excited too 😀 This is the point where shit usually starts going bad in my life 🙁
      They do say it comes down to who you know, rather than what you know. Which is kinda cynical I guess, but it’s just the way the world works. So yeah, if you’re already building up your contacts, you’re in good shape. 😀

  9. Cass says:

    But what was the funny thing you posted that got retweeted? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • I have nooooo idea. Knowing my twitter feed, it was either
      a) something about Game of Thrones season 2
      b) a dick joke
      c) astonishingly proficient use of profanity
      d) one of my rare wanker/writer tweets when I’m in #yalitchat like “There are no rules to genre fiction except ‘write it well, bitches'”

      • Cass says:

        I’ve been reading Miss Snark a LOT lately – that point d sounds rather familiar. 😉

        • As far as my Golden Rules of Writing go, Miss Snark taught me about 80% of them. 🙂
          I hope you’re getting as much out of her site as I did. She really changed my whole view on the publishing industry. Without that blog, there would be no STORMDANCER, no deal, no trilogy, nada.

  10. I’m with Cass — share the winning witticism!
    This online game certainly has its advantages. I should probably work on being clever and/or funny…

    • I don’t even know what it was. 🙁 I didn’t ask. I suspect maybe I’d come off as a wanker if I did? And when Beth wrote me, I was too mind=blown to fully process what was happening. Everything just switched to
      Need to tell more dick jokes in your twitter feed, imo. Dick jokes are the future.

  11. Debra says:

    Congrats on the “luck”! It’s just amazing when things like that happen.

  12. bwtaylor75 says:

    Just being an awesome dude has little to do with luck. You seem down to earth and approachable (remember that when the crazies stalk you), and the writing community as a whole likes to cheer one another on. They are an amazing group of people who are ridiculously nice, and I love them. We all should.
    I would have soiled myself, and then cleaned myself, and then pinched myself, and then told somebody, and then I would have sent the books out. But that’s just me. I bet you just soiled yourself 🙂 !
    Great stories, now get out there and sell some damn books. Unless you sprinkled some magic powder on them so that they’ll come to life and help you take over the world……………now that I think about it, how did that advance copy of Stormdancer get in my bedroom? HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah I’m constantly amazed at the generosity and general coolness I find among fellow writers. I’m sure there’s some horrible egos floating about out there, but I’ve yet to come across one yet. Maybe I’m just lucky 🙂
      There may or may not have been some soilage. I can neither confirm nor deny, and my drycleaner has had his tongue removed so he may not speak of such things. I was (am0 still pretty damn excited.
      I’d like to sell some book, believe me. it’ll be six months before anyone can buy it though. Well, five months if you’re an aussie. 5.5 if you’re a brit. But if you have any of that magic powder Book Takes Over World powder you’ve mentioned, i can think of a couple of uses for it. 😛

  13. Clara says:

    Scott Westerfeld? Scott Effing Westerfeld? Dang Jay, Stormdancer is gonna be big, look at all these fab peeps taking a read at it! I’m sure they’ll love it, and I know I will love it too.I really can’t wait to read this, I think if I have to wait much longer I’ll go all Akira on you. No joke.
    Question for you: I’m writing a steam-punk western (I know!) shortie and I was wondering if you know any mags that might fit the profile? I was thinking about Asimov’s Sci Fi, but not 100% sure : /
    Cheers Sir

    • Well, like I say, Sir Westerfeld could think it sucks bawlz. And Dame Revis could already be thinking of ways to let me down gently. But if you could keep your fingers crossed for me, that’d be awesome.
      We’re giving away a signed copy on the Story Siren to celebrate the release of the UK cover on Tuesday if you wanna try your luck over there 😀
      Re Question – I’m actually completely clueless as to mags that publish shorts. I’ve never really tried to get a short published. Maybe Locus? They still do a mag, right?
      Yeah, sorry, I’m utterly crap. I have failed you 🙁

  14. This is all smash-the-roof awesome. I’ve been excited for Stormdancer since the book deal was first announced, and WHY IS SIX MONTHS SO LONG? My god who do I need to bribe to get an ARC when they’re available?!

  15. katecopeseeley says:

    I can’t comment on Beth Revis, since I just reviewed her book a couple months ago… but Twitter freaking gives me HIVES. hahaha I’m so excited for you about Scott Westerfeld though. Leviathan was probably one of the best SP books I’ve read of late. He did a FANTASTIC job researching, describing and bringing to life that world of his.
    Hope that he likes your book, and that you get lots of publicity and stuff. 🙂

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