A lesson in tenacity

So here’s a cool lesson for the never say never crowd. The agent on top of my Stormdancer “list to be queried” (let’s call her Agent X) is of the “does not reply unless interested in your query” variety.
I queried Agent X on 27 July (very first one I sent out). I got no response. Disappointed, but I move on.
Weeks later, I query an agent at the same agency as X who is reknowned for quick replies. I get none. I try again with a different e-dress. Still nothing. I ask about the agent on Absolute Write, find out he’s having e-troubles, and decide to be patient. Weeks later, still nada, so I finally I figure it might be a case of my ISP being blocked by the agency server. I send from a different ISP.
I get a reply. Happyfase. It’s a rejection. Sadfase.
However, my feeble, feeble brain realizes that my query to Agent X may never have arrived. I have no way of knowing, and risk pissing her off if I keep spamming her with the same query she’s already rejected. But I resend anyway. I get an automated reply, saying she’s out of office and will return later in the month. At least I know she’s gonna read it.
The date of her return to work comes and goes, and I get no response. Agent X keeps a Twitter account, and notifies what date she’s up to in her slush pile. My delivery date passes by. No response. Ah well, she’s not interested after all. But then…
She tweets, confessing e-trouble on a few dates, asking clients to resend emails. I figure that my submission might have been chewed up too. But, do I resend? This could potentially be the third time she’ll have read and rejected this PoS query. The threat of blackballing on future projects looms large. But in the end, my project sounds tailor made for this agent, and I have a good feeling. So I resend.
50 page partial request arrives in my inbox this morning. “Fuck” and “yes”.
Never say die.


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