A Day in the Life

As far as being very busy goes, I can’t really remember a point in my life where things were quite this frantic. I’m essentially working two jobs atm – one regular salary type deal to feed my nerd habits pay my mortgage, and one super-awesome, so-much-fun-it-doesn’t-feel-like-work (but actually, it really is) second job that I do in the spare time I used to have.
An average day:
7.00am – Woken by alarm. Turn off alarm, go back to sleep.
7.15am – Get up, eat, watch half hour of whatever series I’m ploughing through this week (rewatching Spartacus atm), drive to work.
9.00am – Slave like zombie. Waste time Tweeting complete bollocks or blogging about shit no-one cares about because I can’t think of anything better to write about this week.
1.00pm – Eat.
1.05pm – Grab laptop and spare meeting room. Write/edit novel for 55 minutes.
2.00pm – Brrrrrrains.
5.00pm – Drive home.
6.00pm – Walk dog. (I’m one of those people who refuses to pick up my animal’s fecal matter from the bushes he leaves it in. If you think this makes me a bad person,  hatemail and computer viruses can be sent to misterkristoff-AT-gmail.com.)
7.00pm – Eat. Watch 1 hour of couple-friendly TV series with wife-unit (The Walking Dead atm – yes, we are an odd couple)
8.30pm – Write.
11.30pm – Read.
12 or 1am – Sleep.
Repeat. Every day for the foreseeable future.
Thing is, it doesn’t feel like work (well, nothing except the wageslave gig). It feels grand. It feels like I’m doing one of the coolest things I will ever do in my entire life. But it does take up a metric fuck-tonne of my time. So if I don’t return your emails super-quick, or forget to call you back, apologies in advance.
I still wuv youuuuuu!

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