GODSGRAVE B&N special edition

Hello droogs,

Exciting news! I have all the details about our special edition of GODSGRAVE, which will be available only through the fantabulous folks at Barnes and Noble.

This object of purest beauty will include:

  • Full color endpapers, featuring exclusive artwork by my amazing US cover artist, Jason Chan.
  • An exclusive chapter – this was the original first chapter of GODSGRAVE, but over the course of writing the novel, I found it didn’t fit anymore so I had to cut it. This was a true case of killing your darlings, so I’m chuffed you guys will actually get to read it.
  • Plus, EVERY copy will be signed by yours truly.

The B&N special edition of GODSGRAVE is also currently 33% off. Zounds!

You can pre-order the awesome here.

I’m so proud of this books, folks. Can’t wait for you to read it 😀




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New York Times and Internationally Bestselling SciFi/Fantasy author, and master of drunken karaoke-fu. View all posts by Misterkristoff

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