GEMINA cover reveal!!!1!1!!11


Hands and feet inside the cockpit

Hello droogs!

As promised, Yours Truly and my partner in crime, Amie K for Kaufman, are revealing the cover for GEMINA today with the help of the awesome folks at USA Today! Are you excited? WE DEMAND YOUR EXCITEMENT.

In keeping with the awesomeness that was the ILLUMINAE cover (we can say that, because we had nothing to do with designing it), GEMINA actually has two covers. The first is a hard acetate dust jacket. The translucent/transparent areas on this dust jacket reveal clues and snippets of the book’s 2nd cover, which sits beneath. So yes, it’s another one of those Voltron style duo covers which combines to form one mighty über cover. We’re showing you the dust jacket today – the way the book looks naked is being kept secret for now.

Yes, we are mysteeeeerious.

In our cover reveal post, you’ll find:

  • The cover, in all its glory.
  • An interview with Amie and me, where we answer a FAQ about GEMINA.
  • The usual social media linkies to help you spread the word (which we would lurve you to do).


We’re also running a competition.

This contest is open internationally. It will run until March 14, 2016.

Simply tweet or FB the following:

The cover for GEMINA is here! Win some signed @misterkristoff  & @AmieKaufman loot and bask in the awesome:

Or something similar. We don’t mind what you say, just tag us in the tweet so we know you did it. Thanks in advance for spreading the word, you guys are amazing!




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