Mobile phones off, please. Hello droogs! It is that oh so exciting time of the year when I get to show off the cover of my new bookthing! Drumroll! Curtains! Many! Exclamation! Marks!!!11! ILLUMINAE is nothing if not different from other books, and Amie and I are super jazzed to report the cover is probably different to what you’re used to seeing too, in all the best ways. It’s actually more like two covers, that combine to form one gigantic robot super cover, all stomping about the city and eating busloads full of schoolchildren. But you’ll see what I mean when you click the link below. We brought visual aids! SO, we’re revealing the cover today over with our chums at the awesome Cuddlebuggery. At the above link, you’ll find:

  • The cover(s), naturally.
  • An interview with Amie and me babbling nonsensically about the book
  • A competition to win a signed, annotated ARC of ILLUMINAE

So, if you’d like to win or just admire the pretteh, make with the clickies!


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