French STORMDANCER cover!

Behold the awesommmmme.
Another quick one!

I just wanted to share the AWESOME that is the French cover for STORMDANCER!

The cover was created by Miesis Illustration, which you can find here.

I honestly think I’m one of the luckiest authors I know when it comes to covers, and the French edition of SD is no exception. The peeps at Miesis absolutely NAILED it 😀

STORMDANCER will be published in France by Bragelonne on the 17th of September!


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4 responses to “French STORMDANCER cover!


    Lucky bastard! That looks amazing!

  • Stéphanie

    My mother tongue is French but I can read both English and French equally. I already have the English hardcover but this cover almost makes me want to buy this translation too!

  • Aude H

    thank you so much for this book! i bought. it from bragelonne and I’m already waiting for kinslayer or I will buy it in english? The cover is awesome and the book as well!

  • Emmanuelle

    Hi there,
    i’m so glad you like it too 🙂
    After translating the first two books of the series into French without a pause, I just look forward to reading the 3d one, although I just know you’re going to break my heart again (you killed the **spoiler** godsdamn! not the **spoiler** 😥
    Anyway, kudos for the new book deal, I hope the Bragelonne team likes it too ^^

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