Where u been bro

They look so cute together

They look so cute together


Hello peoples!

Yes, I have been terribly, terribly slack with the bloggery over the last month. Slacker than a 32 year old neckbeard still living at home with his parents and spending his every waking minute trolling reddit boards. Slacker than a slacker’s slack bits. You’ll be pleased to know I have been less slack IRL. So, to sum up the jiggery-pokery in Jay town over the past several weeks, I now offer you this Month in Review.

1) First and most importantly, KINSLAYER is out on shelves across the world! Starting in Australia and creeping across the globe like a well-written case of lice, the second installment to the Lotus War has successfully infiltrated the zeitgeist. It was on second printing in Australia within six days, which is kinda awesome. Early reviews have been very nice, and complain bitterly about how mean I was, how I delight in crushing my reader’s feels into a thin red paste, lighting it up and smoking it in a pipe made of orphan’s bones, and how I’m generally a very bad man.


Those of you who’ve picked KINSLAYER up already, thank you! Those of you who’ve sent me pics of the beast in the wild, thank you too! Those of you who have done neither – Y U NO LUV ME.

2) The KINSLAYER launch party was a mighty success! We held it at the ever faithful Dymocks on Collins St Melbourne and had an awesome turnout, with several surprise interstate guests and nobody dying of alcohol poisoning or being arrested for indecent exposure which is a step up from last year.

I still remember very little of the night, having been a 6’7 bundle of nerves for most of it. However, our wonderful friend Amber was nice enough to wield her camera like a mighty +5 vorpal sword, and took some splendid photos for us. They can be found at my facebook page here.

3) I am awaiting edits on book 3 of the Lotus War, which has a title which I’m not going to tell you. Although somebody has already guessed the title with very little background in the world, so the clues are there in the books if you’re super keen. Or you could just wait, because really it’s just the title and who gives a shit.

4) I am on submission! You heard right. Or read right, more accurately. During the downtime between Lotus War books, I have not been the slack-assed pile of slackness that might be inferred from my woeful lack of bloggery, nay. I have in fact been working on FOUR separate projects. Yeah, four. Quattro. That’s Italian. For four. BAM.

(this may explain why I have been slack with the bloggery)

The first of those projects is now officially on submission. I can say nothing about the state of play, being Irish and terrified of jinxing myself. However, the book feels pretty awesome, and I promise you this – it isn’t like ANYTHING you’ve ever read before. I will say only that it is Sci Fi. And that’s it’s non-standard format. And it’s been EXCELLENT fun to write. So fingers crossed.

Two other projects – one a post apocalyptic cyberpunky thing, and the second, a doorstopping epic fantasy tale are with my agent. So if you want more books from me, you might want to tell him to hurry up and read or something. Maybe send him flowers? Or death threats, I dunno.

Watch this space.

5) Appearances! I have yet to alienate the lovely folks at Supanova with my bawdy jokes and propensity to drop trousers at the slightest provocation. Thus, I will be at Supanova Brisbane and Adelaide in November this year. You may have been sleeping under a rock or mainlining Breaking Bad episodes and missed the news, but George RR Martin will also be present at this Supanova, which means I might get to meet him and maybe even be on a panel with him and holy shit excuse me which I melt into a puddle of fangirly goo.

Pete Dinklage will be there too. And Summer Glau, apparently. And Dom Monaghan. And those rascally Weasley twins. So yeah, it’ll be awesome. Come down and say hello. I’ll sign your boobs.

Books, I meant books.

6) Gemmell Awards – Voting is now closed for the Gemmell Legend and Morningstar awards. For those of you who voted for STORMDANCER, much love.

I think that’s it. If you want more regular updates from me, remember you can sign up to my facebook page here.

As you were.


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