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Hello and welcome to the US & UK cover reveals for KINSLAYER!!!one! We did this in two stages last year, but we’ve decided to streamline things for you a little this time, which means you get both covers on the same day. BUT, more blogs are participating, which means you have more chances to win booty (not what you think). Like last year, we have some giveaways to celebrate the awesomosity (totally a word) that are the covers. How much you want to win depends entirely on how much effort you want to go to – if ARCs are all you want to lay your sticky hands on, all good, if you want something a little more uber, you’ll have to try a little harder. Read on, McDuff.

KINSLAYER’s cover is launching on ten sites today.

But firstly:


To kick things off, I’m giving away an annotated/scribbled on/illustrated ARC of KINSLAYER. All you need to do is PIMP MY RIDE COVER

Talk about it on facebook (make sure you tag my author page) or tweet about it. Sample tweet below if you cbf’ed making up your own (if you do make up your own, just make sure you tweet my handle, but not FIRST in the tweet, or only I’ll see it, yo).

The cover for KINSLAYER is here. The awesome will send you blind. Giveaways on @misterkristoff ‘s blog.

A winning pimp will be picked at the end of May. BAM.


The following book blogs are also hosting the cover reveal:


Jean BookNerd

Presenting Lenore

Mundie Moms

Badass Bookie

Book Nerd CA

The Midnight Garden

Book Probe



If you click on the above links and the cover isn’t up there yet, just be patient, they’ll be there soon!

Ok, those of you lovely folks who did this last year will understand, but for the padawans amongst us, an all important question is no doubt burning in your brainmeats: Why should you visit those blogs when the covers are the same on every one?

Excellent question. I have two excellent answers:

First – EVERY ONE of the above book blogs is hosting an ARC giveaway. That’s TEN ARCs of Kinslayer up for grabs. Each site has details on how to enter their own giveaway. Some may require pacts with unspeakable be-tentacled monstrosities from beyond the reaches of space and sanity, others might just have Rafflecopter.


The KINSLAYER uber giveaway

Each of those ten blogs contains a quiz question. They’re pretty easy – you’ll find the answers in the Kinslayer synopsis, or in the pages of Stormdancer. Follow these three steps:

  1. Get the ten answers
  2. Mail them to me at
  3. Win (hopefully)

Now, what do you win in the uber giveaway?

  • A signed, annotated ARC of KINSLAYER. This ARC contains a bunch of little factoids and musings from me, scribbled in my near-illegible handwriting. You will find it ideal for throwing at reprobate significant others, setting ablaze and hurling at tools of the fascist state, or brandishing in a threatening manner at small children loitering on your front lawn.
  • A signed print of Jason Chan’s 100% awesome cover illustration (just the artwork, no type to get in the way of the awesome). Hang it on the wall and bathe in the aura of badassery.
  • A signed copy of THE LITTLE STORMDANCER. This was a picture book I did for my UK editor when she had her first baby. It’s like an MG version of Stormdancer, with far less death and sex. A signed copy of this went up on Ebay for Pat Rothfuss’ WORLDBUILDERS charity last year and sold for near 400 bucks. I’m not sure what kind of a world we live in where shit like that can happen, but yeah, there it is.
  • A signed copy of the Lotus War novella THE LAST STORMDANCER. This is a novella I wrote for release with KINSLAYER – you get a copy free with every pre-order (US & Canada only I’m afraid). It’s set 100 years before the events of SD and tells the story of why the Thunder Tigers left Shima. The only way to actually get a physical copy of this thing will be to pre-order KINSLAYER, so they’ll be hard to come by.
  • The vague promise of a Big Scary hug is we ever meet in person. THIS ALONE is worth a King’s ransom. I give the greatest hugs in the Seven Isles. If you’re a dude and not into the whole hugging thing, we can fistbump and talk about sports or something (this conversation will be brief, and involve me staring at you blankly a lot)

That’s it. Answer 10 questions, mail them to me at, and you’re done. This giveaway will run until the end of May. It is open internationally and indeed, interstellarly.

Also, Tor are hosting an “Evolution of a cover” style article from myself and our amazeballs US cover illustrator Jason Chan. If you want to read about how the awesome was born, that’s where to do it.

If the awesome has filled you with an aching, all-consuming lust and you must have KINSLAYER now, you can pre-order at B&N here or Amazon here. Remember, US & Canada pre-orders all get a physical copy of the THE LAST STORMDANCER. This pre-order offer is the ONLY TIME THIS NOVELLA WILL SEE PRINT.

If you want to keep up with news about THE LOTUS WAR series, follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

That’s it. Comments welcome below. Thanks for visiting!


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