Stick a fork in me


A trifling thing, but perhaps worthy of note.

Copy edits on KINSLAYER are now compleeeeeeeeeete.

I started writing this book in around December of 2010, back when STORMDANCER was still at auction (trivia – the working title for KINSLAYER was EARTHCRUSHER). I  looked through the synopsis I sent my agent when I started writing it, and the actual book that you guys will be reading in September bears absolutely no resemblance to that synopsis whatsoever.

Seriously, if these two books bumped into each other in the street, they would have no idea they were related. KINSLAYER would be all “Goodday sir, how do you do? It seems you were written by an author with exactly the same name as mine. Strange coincidence, eh?” and EARTHCRUSHER would just bash its head into the lamppost and dribble like the red-headed halfwit stepchild it was.

People often say second books are difficult. They’re not kidding. You have your whole life to write your first one, after all. KINSLAYER is around 160,000 words, but I suspect I wrote about 400k to get it to the point its at now. It was a killer process. It was bloody and brutal and scary and relentless. But goddamn, I’m proud of this book. Reading it over during edits for the 700th time, there are still scenes that give me goosebumps. Still moments that just punch me in the gut.

It’s the best book I’ve ever written.

I can’t wait for y’all to read it.

PS: kanji above is for the three acts of the book, once again designed by the incredible Araki Miho. They are ASHES, TEMPEST and SKIN.


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