Praying for Rain

Praying for Rain


Real quick update today, folks. I’m currently spanking the scantily clad buttocks of my KINSLAYER edits, and will hopefully be handing them over to The Powers™ next week. The book is feeling kinda ‘rad’ as we used to say in the 80s (yes, I’m old, shut up) – it’s undergone a Banner-esque transformation over the last couple of month thanks to my awesome editors, and is now Hulking right the fuck out. I’m feeling really proud of it, and can’t wait for y’all to read it.


We’re a little ways out from September, and while we have cover reveals and synopsis reveals and all the cool stuff for book 2, I figured I should give you something to tide you over in the meantime.


If you head over to my 100% official, seal of the king, licensed to kill website thing, you’ll notice a new button up in the top right hand corner called BONUS STAGE. This is a reference to an old video game I used to play in the 80s (SHUT UP) but whatever. Point is, if you click on the BONUS STAGE button, you’ll find a bunch of what I hope is Cool Stuff™ – STORMDANCER desktops, full color maps, clans logos, the original scribble I did for the map of Kigen City waaaaay back in 2010, the original kanji our awesome calligrapher did for our book headings, and so on. You’ll also find a PDF of a tale I wrote, called PRAYING FOR RAIN.

PRAYING FOR RAIN is a short story set in the world of the LOTUS WAR trilogy. It was supposed to be a kind of “showcase” story to introduce people to the city of Kigen and the broad concepts of this little world I’d built. Originally I planned to release it prior to STORMDANCER dropping on bookstore shelves, but after it was finished, I decided it was a little too… dark. Not that STORMDANCER isn’t dark, it’s just I wasn’t sure I wanted PfR to be people’s first taste of Shima. Kinda the way you behave on a first date, you know? You don’t want to mention that time you unleashed your latent telekinetic abilities on that schoolbus full of first-graders until at LEAST date #3.

Point is, the story is a little grim. Pretty. But grim.

It’s about a girl we meet (very briefly) in the pages of STORMDANCER. End of Chapter 4, iirc. You might remember her.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it.

Much love.


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