If you’re just here to win the loots and don’t care about anything else, head to the bottom of the post, and know that I will always love you.

So I was lucky enough to get some awesome authors to read STORMDANCER before it was released. A few of them were struck blind. At least three suffered aneurisms of one type or another. One unfortunate gent was killed stone dead, which I feel quite awful about and yes, I think it’s time I ‘fessed up:


Strangely, I found a couple of authors who thought my book didn’t suck, and actually liked it enough to blurb it for me. Which was awesome. I can’t really vouch for the mental state of any of these blurbers – any allegations of coercion are vicious lies, and I would NEVER threaten to publish an author’s high school year book photos on the net if they didn’t blurb me, I assure you (holy SHIT, you should see Pat Rothfuss before he grew his beard).

Anyway, a few of these authors were nice enough to give me signed loots to hand over around launch time. One such lovely person was Marissa Meyer, NYT bestselling author of THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. So today, we have a signed copy of CINDER to give away, thanks to the awesome Ms Meyer. Everyone say “thank you” in that sing-song voice pre-schoolers use.

What do you have to do to win?

It’s real easy. Just Tweet or FB about the giveaway.

If you tweet, make sure you tag it with the #stormdancer hashtag so I know you did it. Eg:

Author of #stormdancer, @misterkristoff is giving away a signed copy of @marissa_meyer ‘s CINDER here: www.misterkristoff.wordpress.com

Or something along those lines. I dunno. Make something up.

If you FB about it, make sure you tag my FB page so I know you did it (you’ll have to like the page to do so, this is FB’s rule not mine and it sucks, sorry).

That’s it. You don’t have to follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog or earn points like this was some kind of fkn sweepstakes because those shenanigans kinda bug me. Of course, if you WANT to follow my Twitter feed or sub to my blog or whatever, awesome, the buttons are up at the top right. Huzzah.

The winner will be drawn on Monday 20th of August. I accept bribery in the form of bourbon or nubile young…

… no wait, my wife reads this blog…

Just bourbon is fine. (Hi, honey)


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