So, there is exactly seven days left to enter my Raiders of the Last ARC giveaway. My flint-black heart has melted, peoples. So far I’ve been sent blog posts pimping my book, poetry, photography, hand-crafted goodies, illustrations, vlogs, offers of firstborn children and wedding proposals.

You still have seven days! Thank you to the awesome folks who’ve sent me stuff so far – EVERYONE will be getting something to say thanks for the love and energy and time you’ve shown the book. You guys are awesome!

I’m going to link a few of the illustrations/photos I’ve been sent so far, because they’re the easiest to show. But there’s plenty of folks who can’t draw who’re sending in great stuff too! The only criteria for entry is “be awesome”. Without further ado, and in no particular order:

Chibi by Hannah Weyh

Kitsune’s Own by Tygenco

Stormdancer by G. Donald Cribbs

Yukiko by Nobonita Chowdhury

Akihito Gets Some Bad News by Adam Heine

Dying is Easy by Thalia Anderson

Yukiko by Su Ling M ChanΒ (I think this one is unfinished, but it’s still awesome)

Like the post title says:


Keep the awesomeness coming, you guys fucking RULE.


STORMDANCER appeared in the latest issue of Publishers Weekly today. Not only did it get a starred review, but it’s also their Pick of the Week.

So huzzah!


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