Raiders of the Last ARC


OK, I need to write this quickly, because the Pun Police are on their way to my house, and holy shit, you’d best believe they’re bringing battering rams and tear gas after seeing me write a post title THAT BAD.

I have one ARC of STORMDANCER left. The last ARC if you will. It’s signed. And annotated. And I may or may not have scribbled a couple of  pictures in the margins. (No peepees, I promise.)

Would you like to win it? Well here’s how.

Do something awesome for STORMDANCER. I don’t care what. Draw a picture or write a poem. Do a blog or a vlog. Pimp it like a bawwws on your Facebook wall. Sing a song. Find some stretch of industrial wasteland and graffiti STORMDANCER in huge letters on the wall.  Get a tattoo (don’t get a tattoo for the love of god). Make something. Do something. Something AWESOME.

Then, let me know about it. Hit me up on twitter or facebook, or mail me at

This contest will be international. I’ll run it until the end of the month. If I get sent lots of awesome stuff, I’ll find something awesome to to give away to the awesomest (totally a word) but not quite awesome enough to win the ARC. If only my mum enters, I’ll just sob quietly in the corner.

Have fun peoples. Create. That’s what this is all about.


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