Real quick one this week.

First off, we have giveaways happening. FOUR to be precise. Here are the details:

The first one is on the STORMDANCER Goodreads page. Just click to enter, bam, done. This closes in 3 days, and there’s hardbacks up for grabs.

The second one is on the STORMDANCER FB page. You need to like my page to enter (which is a process I find as ugly as a hatful of scrotums, but FB makes you do this). Click on my author page and hit the STORMDANCER tab. Bam, done. You have about 8 days to enter this one, and you could win an ARC.

Third is the contest listed in the post below. You can win a signed set of the first three IRON DRUID CHRONICLES books, plus a signed ARC of STORMDANCER. All you need to do is pimp my new website either on Twitter or Facebook. All the details are below. This one closes in four days.

Lastly, there another signed ARC of STORMDANCER up for grabs, along with a bunch of other goodness. All you need to do is host a STORMDANCER widget on your site/blog/whatever. Details are here. Entries close at the end of the month.


Publisher Weekly, which is kinda THE industry mag as far as publishing goes, just listed STORMDANCER in their top 10 SF/F/Horror picks for Fall. Which is pretty awesome.

Also, the first three chapters of STORMDANCER will be online at from this Friday, 29 June.

Sample my warez. First hit’s free! πŸ™‚


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