Officially official


After much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, my broken shell of a web-designer has finally completed the task set before him and yea, it hath pleased me mightily.

It is officially official: Jay Kristoff is now not only a gibbering interwebs monkey capering for the crowd’s amusement, Jay Kristoff is now a PLACE on the net. If ever you needed an compelling argument for parental locks on web browsers, surely, this be it.

You may find my official website here –

To celebrate this pretty cool thing in a month that has been filled with pretty cool things, I am offering booty. Not the In My Pants kind of booty, nay, I speak of booty of actual worth.

Among the many awesome writerly folks who’ve not only read STORMDANCER but decided that it did not, in fact, blow herculean amounts of goat, is one Kevin Hearne, author of the IRON DRUID CHRONICLES, easily the best urban Fantasy series I’ve read in frackin’ years. His latest book, TRICKED, just hit the NYT Bestseller list. Boo-frakkin’-yah.

Kevin has ponied up signed copies of HOUNDED, HEXED and HAMMERED – the first three installments of IDC. I’ll also add, the copy of HOUNDED has what may very well be the coolest hand-scrawled note that has ever been penned by mortal man.


I’m also offering up a signed ARC of STORMDANCER to the mix. This is one of my last ARCs. It is… precious to me…

So, you stand to win:

HOUNDED (signed)

HEXED (signed)

HAMMERED (signed)


MY ETERNAL LOVE (unsigned, yet still priceless)


Real simple. Either tweet about the new website, or put something about it on your Facebook wall. I don’t care what you say, as long as it’s not about my mother.

If you tweet, make sure you let me know by including my handle somewhere in there – @misterkristoff

If you FB it, make sure you TAG my author page in the notification –

This way, I’ll actually know you did it, which will be important for you, you know WINNING and stuff…

This contest is international. It closes on the 30th of June.

If you’re new here and like the sound of STORMDANCER, you can also put my widget up on your site blog for a chance to win more loot – see the blog post one below this one for details.

Have fun 🙂


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