Welcome to Bonus Stage

Well, cover reveal madness is winding down for the US edition of STORMDANCER, and I’m all JFK in Dallas at the enthusiastic response my baby got. Totally blown away. Ba-doom tissssssssh.


I tried to reply to every comment and every tweet – if i missed you, it wasn’t a snub, I was just bombarded with squeeeeee. Which was fucking awesome. I love you guys. In the pants.

I had a few people ask for the raw cover illustration to use as desktop pics on their PCs (which is mind-bendingly cool when I think about it), so I thought I’d post them here for anyone else who feels the urge to decorate their phone or desktop with Stormdancer-y goodness. I’ve also got an iPhone screen version, coz, you know, who wouldn’t want a telepathic Japanese gal with a kick-ass full sleeve tattoo on their phone?


I think you need to click the pics for the full size version. Then right click to save. Then walk widdershins and sacrifice a fluffy kitten to the Blood God. I’m not sure it’ll do any good, but less cats on the planet is always a plus.


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