You know that time when you were a kid and you snuck downstairs on Christmas eve looking for Santa Claus, and instead found your dad in his underwear, scratching his arse, knocking back the brandy you’d left for St Nic and feeding the carrots you’d left for the “reindeer” to the dog? Remember when, after months of ground work, you finally hooked up with the girl/boy of your dreams at that party and they got so drunk they passed out mid-snog and then vomited on your shoes? Remember that time you saw a George Lucas film made any time in the last 20 years?

Disappointment, my friends. Disappointment. That feeling like you’d just scaled Mount Everest, only to discover a 7-11 and a Denny’s have already set up shop on the summit.

It’s part of life. Happens to everyone. And I’m sorry to say, I’ll be adding to the load this week. I know I promised you all a US cover reveal for Stormdancer this Friday. But, due to a vicious kung-fu battle that took place in the design studio of SMP (there were ninjas) we were afraid we wouldn’t get the artwork to all the fantabulous bloggers who are helping us with the reveal in time. We didn’t want to screw these awesome, generous people around, so just to be safe, we pushed back the date a week.

So, no cover for you on Friday. The cover reveal will now be happening on the 18th (next Friday). Yeah, I know. Pretty lame, Milhouse. Pretty lame.

BUT, at least I can give you the details now.

Ten blogs are participating in the reveal. Ten is a kinda ostentatious number. I could tell you that the cover is awesome enough to fill 10 blogs with the awesomeness of its awesomosity, but then I’d sound like a tosser who makes up his own words. But once we crept past the 5 mark, I needed to get it back to a nice round number. It’s the OCD in me. First up:

The mighty Tor (not to be confused with this guy

The lovely folks at Tor will be hosting the cover reveal, plus an article from myself and our stonkingly awesome illustrator Mr Jason Chan about how the cover got made.



The Book Smugglers

Presenting Lenore

Mundie Moms

Badass Bookie





will also be hosting the cover and various drool-flecked rantings from me.

“So why the frack should I visit those blogs when the cover is the same on every one?” you might ask. This is an excellent question, young padawan. Bathe in my adoration that you are wise enough to ask it. BATHE, I SAY. Fortunately, I have a couple of halfway decent answers.

First – EVERY ONE of the above blogs will be hosting an ARC giveaway. That’s NINE ARCs of Stormdancer up for grabs. Pretty good booty for nine clicks of the mouse.

Second – I’m doing a mini-blog tour quiz-type… thing. Those nine blogs will each host a different question for the quiz. You get the nine answers, mail them to me, and go into the running to win an uber prize. I’ll have more details about the exact level of so-called “uber” in this prize next week. I realize making you drag yourself around nine blogs might be a big ask (but again, see point 1NINE ARCs) so this is only for those of you who are super keen. But, the prize will be worth it.

So, that’s where we’re at. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully, you’ll think the cover is cool enough to have waited for once you see it. Personally, I love it in THE PANTS.

To atone for jerking you around, I’m extending my ARC giveaway for one more week. Simply follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and you’ll go into the draw to win a US ARC of STORMDANCER. Clicky buttons below.


In the meantime, here’s a shot of some page interiors for the US edition of STORMDANCER. For the truly observant and long-following peeps among you, yes, that is my tattoo used as a watermark on the title page 🙂


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