March, 2012

Sex and Violence

. So, like most of the civilized world that’s ever picked up a YA book, I saw the Hunger Games . . . (Read More)

STORMDANCER UK cover reveal

. In case y’all missed it, the 100% official cover for the UK edition of STORMDANCER got launched yesterday over . . . (Read More)

A quick dose of awesome

Quick one this week to share some cool to absolutely frackin’ amazing stuff. I do this in point form, because . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Trailer trailers

Dear Hollywood, I like movie trailers. Even though you over-enthusiastic prats have a terrible habit of showing me all the . . . (Read More)


So, I’m getting into the business end of my first draft of Stormdancer 3. Yeah, I know book 1 isn’t . . . (Read More)