Ho, Ho… something

. This might possibly be the last post of the year I Officially Became a Published Author, and if the . . . (Read More)

After the Prom

. I’m still in the edit cave on Stormdancer 2 atm, but it’s been weeks since I posted anything bloggish, . . . (Read More)

So this is kinda awesome

. My editor’s notes are back on Book 2, and I have officially descended into the edit cave, where there . . . (Read More)


. So, pretty exciting news – I’ve been asked to speak at a TEDx event in December. It’s a big . . . (Read More)

The perils of social media

. It’s often said that any published author nowadays has two fulltime jobs – the job where you write stories, . . . (Read More)

The Flowchart to WIN

The irony of this post is not lost on me, given that STORMDANCER has been compared to tHG (or more . . . (Read More)

Just… stuff

. Very quick one this week, but some cool news. The LOTUS WAR trilogy has just sold in Brazil to . . . (Read More)

3… 2… 1… LAUNCH

. Alright, this will probably be an epic length post, apologies in advance. STORMDANCER has now officially launched in the . . . (Read More)