I’m a reasonably pessimistic fellow by nature (noooo, really?!). And though I’m fairly good at not sweating the small stuff, I’m usually too busy looking for the Bad Thing on the horizon to enjoy the Cool Thing happening right now.

And this is just a little Cool Thing I’m talking about here. No lottery wins or spontaneous manifestation of mutant super powers (I’m hoping for miiiiiiiiiind bullets). It’s just a bunch of zeros and ones on a server half a world away. But the zeros and ones equate to my name and a little thing I’ve spent the best part of two years building, and it’s really cool to see it one step closer to the palm of my hand. So I’m going to stop, and breathe, and enjoy this Cool Thing, right here and now:

The listing is totally bare-bones, but Stormdancer is now officially listed on Amazon UK. πŸ˜€

Big scary hugs to Tez for letting me know, and much love to all the awesome people who are helping me make this absurd little dream come true.


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