May, 2011

In the Headlines

In case you CBF’ed reading the copy above, my trilogy just sold in Poland to Buchmann. They publish Tom Clancy, . . . (Read More)

Publishing in E-minor

First off, I’d like to propose a minute’s silence in memoriam of the Macho Man Randy Savage. Only through his . . . (Read More)

These days will change us all

I usually try to be amusing in these blog posts, but I’m failing totally today. If you’re up for the . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Urinal Talkers

Dear fellow males, Please stop talking to me at urinals. Don’t even try to make eye-contact with me. Jesus wept, you’re there . . . (Read More)

Before I forget

Totally forgot: this arrived in the post a few days ago. It’s officially official. SIGNED CONTRACTS BOYEEEEEEE.

There can be only one

My author portrait is done (you can find the least offensive of the session in the “about Jay” page), and . . . (Read More)

It is done, therefore it is good

My editor’s notes for STORMDANCER materialized in my grimy little inbox on March 8, 2011, about six weeks after my . . . (Read More)