April, 2011

New Tattoos and a dope Beastie Tee

So here’s the final design for my STORMDANCER tattoo, from uber awesome calligraphy master Eri Takase (this image is copyright btw, . . . (Read More)

Two Minutes Hate: Whitewashing

Akira is widely lauded as one of, if not THE greatest manga of all time. It’s a work of sweeping . . . (Read More)

A wee bit of biffo

When I was a kid, I consumed action movies like a certain Brazilian Soccer team crashed in the Andes consumed . . . (Read More)

Tentacle beasts and Alan Moore's beard

Exposition [ek-spuh-zish-uh n] –noun 1. a large-scale public exhibition or show, as of art or manufactured products: an exposition of 19th-century . . . (Read More)

So very angreeeeee

The delectible A-Bomb and myself saw “Never Let Me Go” on the weekend, and I hated it. I think it was . . . (Read More)