December, 2010

Now I haff a machine gun.

I’m headed back to the ancestral breeding pit to break bread amongst people who share my congenital birth defects, so this . . . (Read More)


I just got a second offer on my book. Two book deal. Awesome publishing house. heh. hahah… MUAAAAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!11!! .rekcufrehtom toohs, . . . (Read More)

les Livre Graphiques

Comic books are for kids. A Serious Writer won’t read them, won’t waste their time on a medium so bereft . . . (Read More)

Can you dig it?

I just got my first offer from a big U.S publishing house. Allow me to repeat that: I JUST GOT . . . (Read More)

Making a list, checking it twice, something, something…

I should be writing about the whole getting an agent thing, and how the submission process is going. So, an . . . (Read More)