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– insert air guitar here –

First offer of representation is officially in. Got another offer to revise with a view to representation, but that’s 99% there too (offer confirmed as of November 1). Kinda tripping out at how fast all this has happened. One month ago I was thinking the book was shite, that it might be a good idea to pay an editor to review it and spot what was so obviously wrong but I just couldn’t see.

But now… goddamn. Ten Twelve fulls out by request. Two offers of rep, with potentially more to come (I’ve notified all agents with Fulls and Partials that I’ve been offered representation, to give them a chance to respond). This is a serious trip.

I feel a bender coming on. No, not that sort. This sort.

.reeb ylevol, ylevoL



So there’s movement on Stormdancer, and I don’t really want to elaborate in case I jinx it (hey, I’m Irish, I can’t help being superstitious). I’m trying my best not to get excited. It all goes down tomorrow next week (date change, revisions required).

The A-bomb keeps calling me “Eeyore”, which always puts me in mind of this. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not what she meant too.

Watch this space.

(Eight fulls out now, btw) Nine fulls out by request as of 27 October. Goddamn, I am officially tripping out.

ot tnaw uoy fi nuR


So, wow.

A couple more full requests based off partials have rolled in the past two days (one went from partial to full in 24 hours). That brings the total up to SEVEN fulls (and 1 partial) out there in the big scary. That’s more than twice the number I ever got from COLD. That’s 8 current positives out of a total of 30 replies from agents so far, or a success rate of over 25%. Hot damn.

It’s all noise until someone bites of course, but I can’t help but feel chuffed about those numbers.

In other news, I’ve flip-flopped on my new MS, and have instead drifted back into steampunk romance, based in WW1 era Europe. Alternate history involving robotic technology. Still trying to get the story sorted in my head, but this one feels like it has more legs. Alternate history always seems a fave amongst agents too, and it’s fun to write.

A colleague sent me info about this today. It’s heartbreaking, and sickening, and infuriating. Stormdancer has an environmental ‘message’ but I’m the first to acknowledge that I’m no saint when it comes to animal rights – buying free range eggs and chicken is about as far as my liberal white-bread ass currently goes. But seriously, fuck these people. Fuck them, their bullshit culture, and their mindless, barbaric traditions. I cannot fathom the kind of mind that perpetrates this kind of monstrous brutality on helpless, living, breathing, feeling creatures. I refuse to acknowledge that I share common ancestry with these bastards.

Mother, please, flush them all away.


Well, heard back on one of the fulls on COLD, and it wasn’t good news, but it was about the best kind of kick in the guts one could ask for. Such is life, the criticisms were valid, nothing to really argue. Good news is the gent was extraordinarily complimentary about my writing, and asked for a full of Storm right away. So that’s 5 fulls out in the big wide world now, which is kinda neat. Plus I got the partial call from the agent mentioned below, which I’m still quite chuffed and feeling vindicated about.

Have started the next project – YA Cyberpunk Dystopian Romance. Blame the Fear Factory/Dresden Dolls I’ve been listening to lately, I guess. But I think I’ve got a slick story shaping up in my head, and my protag is kick-ass without being superhero-slick. Plus I get to play with arc-glaives and methane powered chainsaws. 🙂

.yademos gnis ll’uoy, srekcufrehtom uoY

A lesson in tenacity

So here’s a cool lesson for the never say never crowd. The agent on top of my Stormdancer “list to be queried” (let’s call her Agent X) is of the “does not reply unless interested in your query” variety.

I queried Agent X on 27 July (very first one I sent out). I got no response. Disappointed, but I move on.

Weeks later, I query an agent at the same agency as X who is reknowned for quick replies. I get none. I try again with a different e-dress. Still nothing. I ask about the agent on Absolute Write, find out he’s having e-troubles, and decide to be patient. Weeks later, still nada, so I finally I figure it might be a case of my ISP being blocked by the agency server. I send from a different ISP.

I get a reply. Happyfase. It’s a rejection. Sadfase.

However, my feeble, feeble brain realizes that my query to Agent X may never have arrived. I have no way of knowing, and risk pissing her off if I keep spamming her with the same query she’s already rejected. But I resend anyway. I get an automated reply, saying she’s out of office and will return later in the month. At least I know she’s gonna read it.

The date of her return to work comes and goes, and I get no response. Agent X keeps a Twitter account, and notifies what date she’s up to in her slush pile. My delivery date passes by. No response. Ah well, she’s not interested after all. But then…

She tweets, confessing e-trouble on a few dates, asking clients to resend emails. I figure that my submission might have been chewed up too. But, do I resend? This could potentially be the third time she’ll have read and rejected this PoS query. The threat of blackballing on future projects looms large. But in the end, my project sounds tailor made for this agent, and I have a good feeling. So I resend.

50 page partial request arrives in my inbox this morning. “Fuck” and “yes”.

Never say die.