August, 2010

lil' Scotty

Saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World last night. The verdict? It’s was okay. Didn’t rock my world, didn’t suck. 7 . . . (Read More)

The boys who cried meme

So yeah, this little gem was flying around Twitter yesterday and the free world was intensely butthurt to discover this morning that the . . . (Read More)

100% Rock

Got my first partial request for Storm today. Two days after I sent out my first queries. Can you smell . . . (Read More)

Fizzy gussets

I haven’t read Twilight. I haven’t seen the movies. I don’t consider this to be ‘closed-minded’. Just as I know I . . . (Read More)


Storm is finished. Yowza. Came it at a clean 80k, well before my self-imposed September deadline, and I’m fucking proud of . . . (Read More)