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Yeah, that was pretty much the worst pun I could think of.

Another Full request for COLD arrived today, from the 100% excellent agent who offered me some terribly constructive criticism along with a rejection on my first fifty pages way back in… (checks gmail) late March. After I’d taken the criticism on board and received a few more requests, I decided to write the agent and offer him another look at the first 50 along with my thanks for the critique. His request for the full arrived this morning.

So I guess that means ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no’. Which feels like the tagline for the new Rohypnol ad campaign, but whatever.

So, three fulls out in the big wide world now (hence the Stooges) along with four partials. Strangely enough, the trend continues: every agent who has requested a full is a male. Conspiracy? Coincidence? Cracky-talk?

Finished the Wind-up Girl finally. Writing style was 100% great, just absolutely loved his words. The story was… I’m not really sure tbh. Kinda in two minds about it. But was it better than 99% of the shit I read? Hell yes.

(Halfway through 3rd edit on Storm)

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Really, really sick of waiting. So sick of it I just want to snap. So instead I changed the theme on my blog that nobody reads. 1337sauce.

So I went to see the Vool a couple of weeks back, and they were mind-blowingly good. New gods. They’ll be bigger than the biggest thing ever if there is any justice in the world. Meaning they’ll probably never get far outside of Oz, but Jesus, if these dudes were stateside and playing tunes this good, they’d already be filling arenas.

Second edit on Storm is underway. We’re sub 81k, and it’s going to be very hard to get it even to a neat 80. Going back and editing, there’s far less fat to trim on this one, the style is tighter, less verbose, lessons learned from the 1.5 MS’es I’ve written already rubbing off I guess. The A-Bomb read the whole thing and said it was great, but also placed the caveat that she refuses to say much nice about it so I don’t get a big head. At the end, she’s contractually obligated to say it’s at least decent. So once it’s done, I’m looking down the barrel of writing query letters and synopsis and all that bollocks, and more 4 month long waits on fucking partials.

Shit hot. Can’t wait.

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